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I am Consuelo Saroyan a visual artist in between worlds

I love to explore geometric patterns, natural world and ancient traditions through unique forms and different techniques

Textile and Fiber Artist
Maker of things
Zen Art
Sacred Geometry Mandala

Sacred geometry is the nexus point between physics and Mysticism.
It is the realm where infinities live within finite forms, and the chaos of creation is brought to order.
The beauty of sacred geometry is that it satisfies both the right and left brain.
While you make them and while you look at them.
Elegant expressions of compelling proportional relationships simultaneously activate the intellectual and artistic functions, merging the rational with the abstract.
In one word Union


Zen art Mandala
Colors, patterns, numerology, sacred geometry and hours of meditation and intentions..like a prayer, like a song you sing over and over
Creating beauty and harmony brings joy to my heart and I wish it does it to yours too.